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Given below are the privacy policies of Users are requested to read it carefully to completely understand it. It is applicable to only and no other company.

Information Collected
Before registering, it is required to give both your personal and business information so that you are no more anonymous to us. It may include name, business profile and other important information. This will also help us to promote your business better as well. The information given to us is shared on the website for better promotions.

Utility of Personal and Business Information
The main purpose of collecting personal and business information is to give our revered customers customized services. This will enable better communication between us and ensure maximum business benefits. Most of the services are free while some of them are paid. With our extensive promotions throughout our website, users start receiving various kinds of mails, phone calls and SMS notifications from assorted buyers across India. We do keep records of users buying and browsing activities on the site.

Sharing Information
Though, it is generally avoidable to disclose any personal information to the customers. However, under special circumstances this can be done if PharmaHoookup has permission from the user to do the same. Account information can be given if company feels that someone is causing damage either intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes in order to maintain services and improve standards information can be provided. In case of sale, personal information can be transferred.

Circulation of Information sends all kinds of emails to the users giving details about assorted products and services provided. It gives a unique platform to the users for providing better business opportunities suitable according to personal preferences. With our marketing tools it is smooth to make contacts for enhanced business. has right to send mails regarding products to the users who have shown interest in the product. Registered users are free to control information with their administration panel.

Update of Information
One can edit his/her account by logging into his account and also by sending us the request. The up gradation of the information may take some time because of verification and other policies. User can also delete his/her account. However, other information provided will be put on our archive record.

Safety of information
With our policy, we do not sell our data to the third party which can be misused by others. We do not sell users personal information and business information to other unless permitted to do so by the user. All the contact sharing information is provided online on website. It is necessary to log out of the account and close the window so that it is not misused. Although, we take all the steps to ensure that there is no leakage of information provided to us, but data transmission on the internet is not 100% safe. Information both personal and business is open to public so give them with caution.

Variation In Privacy Policy
There are regular changes in the policies of the company, hence it is necessary to check the website for update on privacy policies on a regular basis.