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Monarch Fibre Foils has been a key player in the manufacturing of paper drums and paper boxes for over 40 years. This extensive experience positions the company as a seasoned leader, with a deep understanding of evolving industry needs and a proven track record of providing reliable packaging solutions.

Specialization in Pharmaceutical Packaging: Monarch has garnered a reputation for excellence in pharmaceutical packaging. The company's paper drums are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring the secure and compliant packaging of medicines. This specialization underscores Monarch's commitment to precision and quality in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Solution for Powdered Substances: Monarch's packaging solutions extend beyond pharmaceuticals to cover a wide spectrum of industries, especially those dealing with powdered substances. The versatile design of their paper drums makes them suitable for safely packaging chemicals and other powdery materials, offering a reliable and adaptable solution for diverse industrial applications.


Regd. office & plant: 810,GIDC Makarpura, Erda Road, Vadodara-390010, Gujarat , India



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